LCC response to Road Safety Petition

NEWSLETTER March 2021.
The Parish Council wishes to remind everyone that their meetings are open to all residents and that there is an opportunity to have your say at these meetings.


PC Exley is the new NHPT member for the Chorley rurals area, which includes Brindle, Hoghton, Brinscall, Abbey Village, Withnell, Wheelton, Higher Wheelton, Heapey, Withnell Fold, White Coppice, Adlington, Anglezarke, Rivington and Heath Charnock. He can be contacted by email at His aim is to try and help with the issues in the area. He is trying to obtain as much information about the area problems, and is doing this through a police system called 'In The Know'. This allows local residents to tell us their issues, and allows us to contact them via text or email telling them of what we have been doing. He is a firm believer of bobbies back on the beat, and will try to do this in the next year. Other Matters dealt with by the Parish Council included:-



The County Council Public Rights of Way Team are still experiencing a large backlog of over 300 reports awaiting inspection and they are down 2 officers. 


Flooding has been reported to the County Council at Pippin Street, at Water Street and at Copthurst. The County Council say they are stretched on the front line with government lockdown restrictions, social distancing, covid cases and trying to keep essential services running. But they will investigate as soon as resources allow.


The County Council is currently assessing the need for grits bins at Hillhouse Lane particularly near the level crossing and at the grass triangle near the junction of Hillhouse Lane and Oram Road.


The County Council are still carrying out repairs to sinkhole near Holly Bank on Private Road. They are unable to say when the work will be completed. The road remains closed to traffic. They are also investigating the drainage near St. Joseph`s Church Hall on Private Road.


Duxon Hill has been swept.



Smithy Lane will be closed from 0800 hours to 1700 hours from Monday 8th March to Tuesday16th March 2021 to allow Cadent to install a new gas main.The diversion route is via Sandy Lane and Pippin Street.


The level crossing will be closed from 2330 hours to 1530 hours on Saturday 11th April to 0700 hours on Sunday 12th April 2021 to allow Network Rail to carry out annual level crossing works. It will be closed again on from 2330 hours on Saturday 8th May to 0730 hours on Sunday 9th May 2021 to allow them to undertake rail corrosion inspection works. The alternative route on both occasions is via Gregson Lane - Daub Hall Lane - The Straits - Blackburn Old Road - Hoghton Lane - Sandy Lane- Hillhouse Lane and vice versa.


Hillhouse Lane will be closed from 0800 hours until 1700 hours on Tuesday 13th April 2021 or until completion of the work. This is to allow British Telecom to carry out customer connection service works. The diversion route is via Hillhouse Lane - Gowans Lane - Windmill Lane - Sandy Lane and vice versa.


Details of the actions taken by the Council in relation to the Pandemic were reported the arrangements for the proposed 2021 National Census including details of possible scams. A new website has been introduced and notice was given of the local Elections on 6th May.


Applications have been granted for developments at Pippin Fold and Gowans Lane and for tree works in Water Street since the last meeting of the Parish Council. Applications for two separate developments at Bournes Row, together with developments at Pippin Fold, Smithy Close, Gregson Lane, and Hillhouse Lane had been submitted since the last meeting.


The Parish Council has accepted an estimate for the improvement work to the Parish Pound and it is hoped work will commence shortly. In the meantime additional features have been added by the local residents Group.


The County Council is being consulted on the location of the signs with the view to avoiding clutter.


The the competition in 2020 was postponed because of the Pandemic. The Competition Organisers have decided to run the Competition this year based on the entries from last year. It was agreed that the Parish should participate. The Clerk would write to the Community Hall, and the Cavendish Arms to see if they wished to enter the Certificate of Merit Section.


Monday 17th May 2021 the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30 p.m. to be followed by the Parish Council Meeting.


T. Harkness MARCH 2021

Brindle Parish Council: local information

Welcome to May’s Parish Council alerts. This month, we have advice on protection – for both your car and for your email and social media accounts. There’s also, as usual, a range of scams to avoid.


One car is stolen every ten minutes. Most car crimes happen because cars are left unlocked. There is a misconception that some cars are auto-locking and lock themselves if left unattended after a period of time. This isn’t always correct. Another misconception is that your car is too old and no one will bother stealing it. This is also incorrect – both new and old cars are at risk. The good news is that there are simple steps everyone can take to help reduce the risk to their car.

The Neighbourhood Watch charity suggests that, to protect your car, keep it locked, lit and empty. 44% of cars are broken into via an unlocked door. 80% of car crime occurs during the evening or at night and parking near street lamps or in a busy area can deter thieves. Also, owners often forget that personal belongings within the car are at as much risk of being stolen as the car itself.


If a hacker got into your email or social media account, what would they find? Health and banking information? Names and contact details for your friends and family? Private photos and messages? For most people, it’s at least one of these. Between February 2020 and February 2021, Action Fraud received 15,214 reports about email and social media account hacking. The majority of reports (88%) were made by individuals not businesses. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat were the most affected social media accounts, with phishing messages being the most common tactic used by cyber criminals to lure unsuspecting victims. Some victims are extorted for money, whilst others have their accounts used to send malicious links to their contacts. One victim who had multiple email and social media accounts hacked paid over £2,000 to regain access to them. Another victim reported that her hacked Facebook account was used to trick her friends into sending money into a PayPal account they thought belonged to her.

Secure your email and social media accounts by: 1: Using a strong and separate password for your email, as well as for other accounts such as your banking or social media accounts. 2: Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). It will help to stop hackers from getting into your online accounts, even if they have your password. 3: If you can't access your account, search the company's online support or help pages. You'll find information about how to recover your account. For detailed instructions on how to reset your password or enable 2FA on your accounts, visit:


HMCTS Spoofing Phone Call Beware receiving a call alleging to be from the HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS). Scammers mimic legitimate phone numbers ( spoofing) and may allege that you owe HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) money and that a warrant for your arrest has been issued. Scammers may also tell you to look up contact details for HMCTS to verify the number they are using to call. Note that HMCTS is separate from HMRC and will not call or email you about tax matters. If you receive a call or email, or any type of contact, do not provide any personal details or make a payment.

Scam Warranty Telesales Use caution if you are contacted by a telesales call offering to sell you a warranty or home appliance insurance. While many cold calls are trying to sell a new policy, many claim your existing cover is expiring and you need to renew, regardless of whether you had cover in the first place. Householders suffering from dementia have been particularly targeted, with attempts to sell insurance for items that the householder does not own or worth considerably less than the cost of the insurance. Businesses offering insurance policies should be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority who also offer an ombudsman scheme. Check the register at

Phishing SCAMS Be on the alert for a phishing email purporting to be from TV licencing that states that due to outdated TV account details, your account will be suspended unless you provide your date of birth, current address, telephone number and payment method. The email provides a link to 'Visit TV licencing now'. Beware of a fake Sainsbury's email stating you have been selected to participate in a gift card giveaway. The recipient is invited to enter personal information on a linked website. Similarly, be on the alert for a phishing email alleging to be from Just Eat offering a £50 gift card, again taking you to a link requesting personal details. Also doing the rounds is a phishing email alleging to be from Yahoo asking you to upgrade 'here'. There is a DVLA phishing email from the email address: ‘G.O.V.U.K’. This states that payment for your latest vehicle tax invoice failed and that some of the billing details associated with your account might have expired or were otherwise changed. You are invited to click on a link to a secure page to enter your details. Phishing emails can look as if they have come from a trustworthy entity and can make you panic into divulging personal information, often implying a service will be withdrawn or you will not be 'legal', or tempt you by the lure of a refund or a voucher. If you have received a suspicious email, forward it to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) at Scams can also be reported to Action Fraud. Contact them on 0300 123 2040 or at

Keep safe and well!

Brindle Parish Council