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The October meeting of the Parish Council was held at Brindle Community Centre on the 5th of November

As an aid to reducing traffic speed through the parish it has been suggested that the Parish Council purchase and operate a speed monitoring device similar to the one occasionally deployed by the police on Sandy Lane. WHAT DO RESIDENTS THINK?. The Parish Council would like to hear residents views on this topic. Please use the contact page to let us know your views in confidence.

The Police were unable to attend the meeting due to operational priorities (Bonfire Night) But only 1 crime had been recorded during October. The "In The Know" newsletter was now being produced again, please see the Police website or click here

The Clerk reported on a meeting at Pippin Street with residents and an Engineer from LCC to resolve long standing flooding of the road. It was agreed that more regular clearing of the gullies would relieve the flooding in the short pending a more detailed look at the drainage.

It was reported that the Community Hall flooding issues had now been resolved. There was a proposal to hold a 90th anniversary for the founding of the Hall.

The Council heard reports on various Highway issues including that the blocked drains on Bournes Row have now been cleared, a dangerous tree on Birchin Lane has been removed, Duxon Hill required sweeping, the hedge near the bus stop had been cut, various gullies on Marsh Lane, Hillhouse Lane and Gowans Lane were blocked and that LCC was reviewing the suggestion of parking restriction on one side of Hwengate.

On planning matters the Council heard that one application had been granted, there were no new applications to hand.

The Council heard a report from the judges of the Best Kept Village competition. The report was somewhat disappointing and the Clerk was asked to write to the various interested parties.

At the March meeting the Parish Council received a letter of resignation from Councillor Steve Williams, a former Chairman of the Council. The Council resolved to place on record it's appreciation of Councillor Williams' work and requested that the Chairman write to Councillor Williams to express the thanks of the Council for his service.

A member of the public raised the condition of the substation wall adjacent to 1 Sandy Lane. The Council resolved to contact United Utilities and request a site visit so that the issue could be resolved.

The Police reported that there had been 3 reported crimes within the parish during February.

The Council had requested that the recent planning application for the erection of 2 wind turbines within the parish be considered by the Planning Meeting at Chorley Council. It was resolved that the Chairman (Councillor Cranshaw) would attend and represent the views of the Parish regarding this applcation.

This was the last meeting of the Parish Council before the election of a new Council in May.

The Parish Council 2008-2012

The Parish Council held it's annual dinner recently. To mark his 25 years as a Parish Councillor John Swann was presented (much to his surprise) with an inscribed minature Holstein cow by his fellow Councillors. Darren Cranshaw (Chairman) presenting the gift, outlined John's many contributions to parish matters over his 25 years service which included several years as Chairman of the Parish Council.

Wind turbine

Dirk Franke

At the February meeting the Parish Council considered a planning application for two wind turbines at a property within the parish. A number of residents attended the meeting and expressed their reservations about this development. Two letters of objection had been sent to the Parish Council. The Parish Council resolved to object to this developement.

A member of the public asked if the proposed 20mph zone would mean a proliferation of new signs. However it is understood that the new signs will simply replace the existing 30mph ones.

The Police reported that there had been no reported crimes within the parish during January.

Previous News

20 mph sign

The Parish Council considered proposals by LCC for a 20mph zone within the village at the Parish Council meeting on 9th February. The proposed zone would include Sandy Lane, Water Street, Brindle Heights, Smithy Lane and Smithy Close. The Parish Council welcomed the proposals as speeding within the village has been a long standing concern of local residents. The Parish Council requested that LCC should consider a 20mph zone for Top o'th Lane.

The safety of the present location of the Post Box at the junction of Sandy Lane and Smithy Lane was raised. It was resolved to asked Royal Mail to investigate the possibility of moving the Post Box to a safer location.

The Police reported that there had been no reported crimes within the parish during December.

A major clean-up of the old Sand Quarry sight got underway this weekend (17th May 2011). Once complete it is thought that a local farmer will use he land for grazing livestock.

Fly tipping on Sandy Lane

Fly tipping was dumped in a lay-by on Sandy Lane during last Friday (8th April) night. A large quantity of household rubbish was abandoned in a lay by between Windmill Lane and Hillhouse Lane. (See pictures below) Chorley Council was informed by the Vice-Chairman and the offending rubbish was removed during Monday.

Fly tipping on Sandy Lane Fly tipping on Sandy Lane

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